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Fun Things to do in Morocco

There are a variety of popular attractions, sports and other activities that you will enjoy during your tour of Morocco. Regardless of whether you have a 1-day trip or a tour, we can include your hobbies into your itinerary.

Experience a private cooking class

If you would like to improve your international cooking skills, then why not learn how to make a tasty tajine or how to cook fresh fish?

Hammam & massage

The Romans created public baths and Moroccans were amongst the first group of people that took an interest in using these baths...

Camel, donkey & horse rides

Camel rides are the most popular things to do in Morocco...

Walking, Hiking & Trekking

Morocco is a land of geological diversity...

Beaches & sea sports

Morocco has coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, so there are many beaches which attract travellers.

Experience a traditional Moroccan wedding

Moroccan weddings are stunning and overwhelming to your senses.


There are souks, bazaars, small shops and boutiques where you can buy superb leather goods...

Food & drink

Moroccan cuisine is rich and diverse, due to different cultural influences that have occurred over many centuries...


There is a vivacious nightlife scene in Marrakesh and other cities such as Casablanca and Agadir...

Quad biking

There are many opportunities to ride quad bikes in Morocco, such as at the Sahara desert, beaches ...

Meet a Berber Family and Explore Berber Villages

For an authentic appreciation of Moroccan life, you should escape the cities and travel to the picturesque Atlas Mountains.

Walking Tours with Local Guides

There are many independent local guides that are registered and fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Spend a Night in the Sahara Desert

There are many cities in Morocco that will dazzle you with grand architectural displays.

Historical Sites

A World Heritage Site is a site or landmark that has been selected by UNESCO as having a great natural or cultural significance...

Desert Sports

Sports lovers will welcome the thrill that the Sahara desert offers. There are many activities that travellers enjoy.